In the menu of the restaurant "Peter the Great" you will certainly find the dish to your liking. The main accent of our cuisine is the Mediterranean type of food. We have a suitable choice for your health - fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, cheese. As red meat, beef and lamb.


Find out from the waiters what is available today in addition to the main menu. Perhaps you will like dishes from the oven, our pastries, assorted salads, ice cream or fruit. You can choose a favorite specimen from the inhabitants of the aquarium and it will be cooked specially for you by our wonderful chefs.

Dear guests! Restaurant Peter the Great invites you to have a good time and try our new menu!

* - the discount for a dish does not apply

Cold starters

Herring with boiled potatoes

240 руб

Buratta with tomatoes

450 руб*

Cheese plate

540 руб*

Assorted fish

660 руб*



Herring under the fur coat

150 руб

Mix of salads

250 руб*

With chicken liver

330 руб*

With tuna


Caesar with chicken fillet

350 руб*

"Caesar" with salmon

400 руб*


Dishes from the oven (specify the availability of the waiter)

Duck from the oven with quince and couscous

450 руб

Veal stewed with potatoes, celery stalks and carrots

430 руб*

Lamb stewed in the oven

500 руб*


Beer menu

Black Burger in Russian

250 руб*

White Burger

250 руб*




30 руб

Tomato classic

30 руб

Tomato garlic

30 руб

Blue Cheese

50 руб



Morse from forest berries 1L

90 руб

Aquanika b / g pet 0,6l

50 руб

Arji glass gas and b / gas 0.5L

130 руб

Borzhomi 0,5l

200 руб

Lemonade in assortment

100 руб


Margarita 500gr

380 руб*

«Four cheeses» 500gr

510 руб

Chorizo 500gr

550 руб

«Adriatic» 500gr

550 руб



Chicken soup with homemade noodles

200 руб

Borsch with sour cream, dumplings and bacon

250 руб

Fish soup from sturgeon

300 руб



Beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes

470 руб*

Dorada in the Italian manner with potatoes, olives and cherry tomatoes

480 руб*


Hot snacks for beer

Onion rings

70 руб


100 руб


120 руб

Rustic potatoes

120 руб

Wings of chicken

300 руб


300 руб



Chocolate Bomb with Vanilla Ice Cream Ball

175 руб

Strudel with vanilla ice cream ball

170 руб

Homemade ice cream

150 руб



Coca-Cola, Sprite Glass 0.25L

100 руб

Tea (black, black with thyme, green, green oolong) 0,3L

100 руб

Coffee Espresso

80 руб

Coffee Americano

100 руб

Coffee Cappuccino

140 руб

Restaurant "Peter the Great", invites you to try the freshest Burrat with tomatoes - 450rub