Convenient, cozy, safe!


Yukhnovgrad is extremely suitable for families. You will find everything we need for your friendly company.

Time spent with the family is the best time of our lives. Everything that happens in childhood, remains in memory forever. Do not underestimate the days that the family spends together on vacation. It is a time of joy, kind emotions, adventures and romantic stories that leave traces for life.

The days spent with us will be a good memory for you and your children for many years. At us you will find a good place for family rest with children. All that is needed is at an affordable distance next to a convenient car park. The territory of the park is protected. It's safe, there's no traffic, no strangers.

A spacious cottage is an ideal place for accommodation of your friends and relatives. You will live in a separate house and apart from you and your guests, there will not be anyone in it. A family pool with a sauna is available daily, which will be yours only for an hour.

We have a large landscaped area. There are sports and play areas. An ideally aligned clean lawn will prevent injuries. Let your kids boldly tumbling in the grass. Do not deny your family a good rest. Come all to us. It is nice here !

Take a virtual walk through Yukhnovgrad

Our wonderful cottages create a special atmosphere of home comfort. There are no long hotel corridors. At your disposal will be a luxurious two or three storey house with an adjacent territory, a fully equipped kitchen and a barbecue area with firewood. We are spacious, clean and beautiful.


Yukhnovgrad is spread over an area of 20 hectares. Employees of the park owner keep the village in perfect condition. We have always, at any time of the year, been tidied up and beautifully. Specially selected flowering plants are grown on the territory. Particular time is the flowering of the garden. Do not forget to admire our blooming apple trees.


We have a magnificent children's playground with swings, carousels, slides, trampoline. Here any child will easily find a company to his liking. In summer, on the playground, you can play tennis or mini golf. And in winter you can ride from a hill on a sled or ski. All inventory can be rented here.


You can enjoy crystal clear water and have a good time. Enjoy your family bathing! Our swimming pool is equipped with a sauna in which you "baste the bones", a variety of sports equipment is installed in the building, and colorful floating toys are available for playing in the water.


It is very convenient to spend the weekend with the whole family in our cottages: grandmothers will bake pies in the oven of a superbly equipped kitchen, mothers nicely serve a table, dishes and everything you need already, dads will fry a real shish kebab on the barbecue next to the house, well, children and grandchildren will sincerely and fairly appreciate all your efforts.


In our restaurant master classes for children are held. They can get to know the most burning secrets of culinary art. Participation in exciting lessons will be a good adventure for your children. They will learn to create pizza, vareniki, gingerbread, croissants, baskets, chudushki and much more.


We do not have elephants and Bengal tigers. The inhabitants of our mini-zoo are more modest in size and do not pretend to be exotic. However, this does not detract from their charm. The joy that your child will get by caressing a rabbit, having watched for nutria, feeding a squirrel or a goose - will be the most real. Our kind fluffy miracles are already waiting for you.

Let the child on the nature explore a new world for him, remember yourself as a child. Rest with children spent with us, will be interesting and enjoyable not only for kids, but for adults. Spend time with benefit for yourself and for the health of your children and without the parents' nerves spent.