Untouched pearl Ugra with its magnificent scenery, always attracted kayak lovers. We are pleased to offer you kayak rental and a transfer to the river so that you can make an independent rafting in the national park "Ugra", lasting from 2 to 5 hours, no choice on the Ugra river and the river Ress.


Kayak trips are one of the most accessible and impressive types of tourism. They can go on weekends or take a whole week off. You can download the entire family from the beloved grandmother to the baby. Or you can collect a purely male company and live like the ancient people of fishing. Badaks are just a godsend for organizers of team building. In such campaigns, the collective is best rallied.
Happy sailing!

Rent of kayaks


3000 rub.

Double room

3500 rub.

Triple room

4000 rub.
The price includes: kayak rental, transfer to the river to the starting point and back to the base in Yukhnovgrad.

We are pleased to offer you kayak rental. You can rent a kayak and make an independent rafting along the rivers "Ugra" and "Ress"
For alloys, we offer plastic kayaks of the American brand WILDER.NESS, which have good stability, adjustable seats and comfortable internal equipment.